the idea is the machine that makes the art - Sol LeWitt

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just me

hi there! i really appreciate your time here looking over my images and learning a little about me.

by day…

i’ve been into art for as long as i can remember, and computer graphics for well… as long as i have owned a computer. i’ve taught myself a lot of what i know, mostly through trial and error. I have built a strong sense of personal style, while being very adaptable to any client/projects needs. i’ve worked with about every medium available – advertising, digital and print graphics, web/wordpress, email design, photography, digital presentations, interactive forms, book/catalog design and audio production…. just to name off a few. i’ve developed new systems and products from the ground up, and trained an entire team of designers on print advertising best practices. i often work with VIP clients – some including The Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Hunter Smith (Colts football), and The Amazing Kreskin, reaching out to each of them to find the deeper understanding in what they were trying to express through their publications.

by night…

i’m the father of three beautiful children, really into music, gardening, and cooking. i love new experiences and take them as they come.


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